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South East Western Australia Green Hydrogen Hub

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It’s time to think global and act local. Esperance and the West Nullarbor have the opportunity to join the global green energy revolution and now is the time to act. 


FFI is confident that the quality of wind and solar resources in the Esperance and the West Nullarbor region will support a major renewable energy hub and has started scoping activities to confirm this before proceeding with project design and development.   


FFI team is working closely with landowners, Traditional Owners, communities and relevant stakeholders in the Esperance and West-Nullarbor regions to negotiate access to land and understand how best to proceed with project development.   


FFI acknowledges that the proposed project area is on Tjaltjraak country around Esperance, and Ngadju country eastward to the Nullarbor. FFI pays respect to all Wudjari and Ngadju peoples, including past, present and emerging leaders.  

Stay up to date

The scoping and feasibility stages for the proposed hub will take several years to complete. Get the latest information here: 

Latest update
One page fact sheet

Meet the team

Can’t attend an information session? We are planning more opportunities to meet the team in coming months, in the meantime get in contact with our team to find out how you can engage with FFI.


FFI has started early engagement with community stakeholders to share information, understand concerns and identify opportunities to be considered as part of all studies. FFI will continuously and transparently engage with community stakeholders to understand their needs, concerns and priorities. We will also be looking for opportunities to maximise community and stakeholder benefits. 

Landholder conversations

The potential number and location of turbines. These agreements will not lock landowners into any decision at this stage but will ensure they are part of the project development. FFI is also pursuing collaboration agreements with Traditional Owners to discuss opportunities available and support for project development.   


As collaboration agreements are reached, wind monitoring equipment may be installed to understand wind patterns.   

Register your interest

Register your interest in the South East Western Australian Green Hydrogen Hub and the and the FFI team will share:  

  • Opportunities to meet the team and discuss your feedback  
  • Regular updates about activities in your region and what to expect  
  • Information about renewable energy and why it is important to become part of the green energy future   
  • How to get involved if you are an interested landowner and start the conversation about entering into a collaboration agreement 

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