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Purari Wabo

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) is rapidly progressing plans to develop a portfolio of renewable energy and green hydrogen projects in Papua New Guinea (PNG), enabling PNG to become one of the world leaders in zero-carbon fuels and industrial products.

The Government of PNG has signed a Deed of Agreement to work with FFI to develop its green energy potential and move away from hydrocarbon fuel. FFI is committed to PNG’s goals of reducing its reliance on hydrocarbon fuel.

The proposed projects include development of hydropower and geothermal resources, to power green industries. This includes establishing hydroelectric power facilities along the Purari River in addition to harnessing geothermal energy in West New Britain. This marks the beginning of green industry development in PNG.

Purari Wabo Hydropower project

The proposed PNG projects include the development of hydropower and geothermal resources that will power new industries such as green hydrogen and green ammonia. This includes establishing hydroelectric power facilities along the Purari River in addition to harnessing geothermal energy in West New Britain.

Green hydrogen is the only zero carbon renewable form of energy.

We look forward to working closely with PNG’s Government and people to take action and deliver on this promise. FFI’s projects will be conducted in full compliance with PNG laws and adhere to strict international best practice standards relating to the conservation and protection of the environment, biodiversity and cultural heritage, occupational health and safety, anti-bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering and eradicating modern slavery.

FFI Purari Wabo supply chain

FFI is proposing to create a fully integrated process that adds value to local communities. The entire energy system will be delivered and operated by FFI.

What we're doing in communities

FFI was founded on the belief that communities should thrive as a result of our success.

The value that PNG derives from working with FFI is the assurance of a future for local communities, new industries based around local energy production and exports of green hydrogen and green ammonia.

  • We are committed to empowering thriving communities by delivering positive social, environmental, and economic benefits, through continuous, transparent, and ongoing dialogue.
  • FFI will provide training, employment, and business development opportunities for local people in support of construction and operational activities.
  • We have an office in Port Moresby with an in-country team who will ensure that FFI continues to engage with communities to embrace the diverse cultural values of PNG as well as social and environmental values.
  • Near 100 per cent local workforce will be engaged across all projects to ensure communities thrive

Contact us

If you would like to contact us about the Purari Wabo Project, please do so via our Contact Page