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The FFI Difference

FFI is an independent educational company, ethically based on integrity, honesty and a philosophical foundation. Our globally based programs and educational materials are designed to help improve your overall performance.

With an overwhelming current marketplace, what sets FFI apart is inspirational training methods delivered with clarity, precision, warmth, humour and an infectious enthusiasm. The perception of a complex subject is presented in such a way that makes the education accessible for both the novice and the more advanced student.

FFI‘s teaching methods are distinctive whereby the mechanics are revealed in a stimulating delivery of information; creating a monumental learning experience that ultimately aims for achieving a higher level of awareness.

By offering an extensive support network and advanced education, Financial Freedom Institute Graduates have a mutually rewarding, ongoing relationship with the dedicated FFI team.

FFI is at the forefront of the global arena. All expectations are fully met and our goal is to train our Graduates to become highly consummate investors, whilst minimising risk at all times and maximising profit.

FFI provides the tools and information required to assist the investor with a higher level of understanding and insight to create an exceptional life.

FFI trains the novice as well as improving the knowledge of the experienced investor. It is only when you comprehend how things happen and are able to act on that knowledge yourself, that you can make prudent investment decisions that are appropriate in light of your portfolio and investment needs.

As a Graduate of FFI you will have access to the finest education systems to assist in breaking through personal barriers to success, thus revolutionising your financial future.