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Compliance & Accreditation

The wealth education facilitated by Financial Freedom Institute (FFI) and Associates is presented by authorised licensed representatives in an ethical manner and with a comprehensive explanation of risks involved in trading the financial markets. Investments can rise and fall in value. The decision to invest or trade and the method selected is a personal decision and may involve an inherent level of risk. FFI and Associates recommend that before any investment transaction or financial decision is made, that all investors should invest only according to their personal financial situation, existing financial education and ability. Investors may also wish to seek independent financial advice as to the suitability of global financial markets to their personal financial profile and goals.

FFI does its best to ensure that every Authorised Representative has requisite technical knowledge, applied skills, integrity and ethical attitudes that are maintained at all times. Each Authorised Representative undertakes ongoing education to maintain the highest level of competency and adequacy of financial resources. This is consistent with the requirements Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) who enforce and regulate companies and financial services law protecting Consumers and Investors alike. Whilst (ASIC) in no way endorses or warrants FFI facilitators and their services, every consideration is taken to ensure compliance with ASIC requirements.

‘If people are interested in attending wealth creation seminars, ASIC believes it is usually safer and far better value to attend seminars run by reputable organisations and licensed financial services businesses’, ASIC Executive Director of Consumer Protection and international, Mr Greg Tanzer said. For more information visit www.asic.gov.au

Financial Freedom Institute amongst other things provides marketing, administration and event management services. Financial Freedom Institute does not offer financial product advice.

Halik Corp Pty Ltd is an Authorized Representative (413451) of Falconer & Company Limted (AFSL 244315) Halik Corp’s qualifications include PS146 compliancy, an AFMA Diploma of Financial Services accreditation, including Futures/Derivatives Product Specialist and Financial Services Core certification.